Super Tetsudo

  • Name Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Illustration
  • Printed Materials
  • Menus
  • Signage and Interior Graphics
  • Website

What's better than delicious sushi? Delicious sushi delivered to your table by a super fast sushi bullet train that's what.

The food that is fired out of the kitchen on the state of the art train is no gimmick. Super Tetsudo delivers tasty, authentic Japanese cuisine and some fresh takes on the classics. From hand rolled nigiri to piping hot donburi, this food is to dine for.

TwofromTwo worked in collaboration with Mata Design Studio and Mettris Construction to bring the space to life, through a roof that is filled with suspended neon lightboxes. Each box has its own unique graphic treatment. With its pastel colours, cute graphic styling and playful language, Super Tetsudo is bound to take you back to your holiday in Japan or make you want to plan your next.

TwofromTwo worked with the naming, brand identity, printed materials, menus, signage, wall graphics and digital touchpoints that make Super Tetsduo an experience to remember.

Interior Design: Mata Design | Construction: Mettris Construction | Website Development: Nathan Shanahan | Photography: D-Max Photography | Studio Photogaraphy: Foliolio

Super Tetsudo at Westfield Carousel delivers tasty, authentic Japanese cuisine to your table via a super fast sushi train. Our identity draws inspiration from popular Japanese culture to create a space that transports you to the streets of downtown Tokyo. Kanpai!

Super Tetsudo combines a traditional kaiten sushi train with a state of the art, super-fast express train to bring authentic Japanese cuisine direct to your table. Whether you are selecting a passing plate or ordering a-la-carte from the menu, we have something to cure your hunger and satisfy your taste

All aboard Super Tetsudo!